The Human Genetics Unit

The Human Genetics Unit is a collaboration between the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside. The Unit brings together disciplines from research, diagnostic and service based laboratories providing an environment that aims to augment the activities of its constituent groups.

Clinical Genetics

Specialist clinics for the diagnosis of hereditary conditions, to advise affected families and to help coordinate their management are provided by two Consultant Clinical Geneticists and three Genetic Councellors based at Ninewells Hospital. Clinics are held in several locations across Tayside (Ninewells Hospital, Perth Royal Infirmary, Arbroath Infirmary and Whitehills Forfar). Clinics include general genetics clinics and specialist, familial cancer clinics, antenatal genetics clinics, neurogenetics clinics (adult and paediatric), dermatogenetic clinics and vascular genetics clinics. We can also advise clinical colleagues about diagnosis and management of hereditary conditions and interpretation of the results of genetic investigations.


The department delivers a range of specialised diagnostic cytogenetic services to Tayside and North Fife, together with the research and development necessary for new clinical services of direct patient benefit. Close liaison with Clinical and Molecular Genetics disciplines helps to provide an integrated Human Genetics Service

Molecular Genetics

The DNA diagnostic laboratory at Ninewells Hospital is part of a four-centre Scottish Molecular Genetics Consortium which aims to provide a comprehensive diagnostic service for the Scottish population, as well as acting as specialist centre for rarer conditions for the rest of the UK. Each Consortium laboratory has an individual repertoire of tests and the range of conditions covered by the Dundee laboratory is listed inside as well as our policies regarding sample types and reporting. This Website is still being developed and the list of diagnostic tests offered by the laboratory is continuously being updated. We would therefore be more than happy to discuss the full range of services available as well as any development work that is either currently underway or planned for the near future.

The Tayside Centre for Genomic Analysis

The Tayside Centre for Genomic Analysis has been in operation for approximately 18 years and resides within the Medical Research Institute. Initially set up to provide a DNA sequencing service for a single research group, the Centre is now part of the Human Genetics Unit where strong links have been made with its affiliated groups. The Centre now provides DNA/RNA analysis services for over 60 research groups around the UK and is viewed as a great success within the Academic Community. The Centre has been instrumental in attracting new groups to the Division and continues to expand the variety of services it offers to the Medical School and beyond.