Clinics and Patients


Appointments last for 30-45 minutes.

Patients are asked questions about their family, their names and dates of births and who is affected by the condition. A family tree will be drawn with the information given.

Patients are encouraged to ask questions and are given explanations about the condition, the pattern of inheritance for that condition, who is at risk and what can done about it.

Any follow up arrangements/management will be discussed and a summary letter sent to the patient and their GP.

Clinic Hospital Frequency
Paediatric Ninewells 3 per month
Huntington’s Disease Ninewells 1 per month
Paediatric neurology * Ninewells 1 per month
Opthalmology * Ninewells 1 per month
Neurology Ninewells 1 per month
Adults Ninewells 1 per week
Family History of Breast Cancer * Ninewells 1 per week
Adults and/or children PRI 2 per month


Geneticists see people who have a condition that might run in the family.

People who attend the genetics clinic may be affected by a condition or have a relative who has a genetic condition.

Geneticists see families with genetic conditions in order to offer information, answer questions and, importantly, to recognise when the patient may benefit from regular review to minimise risks from potential complications.