Cytogenetics Overview


Dr. Norman Pratt, Head of Laboratory Services

Human Genetics Unit, Level 6

Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

Dundee DD1 9SY


Tel: 01382-632680


Tel: 01382-496735


Overview of the Cytogenetics Service

The department delivers a range of specialised diagnostic cytogenetic services to Tayside, North East Fife, and NHS Highland together with the research and development necessary for new clinical services of direct patient benefit. Close liaison with Clinical and Molecular Genetics disciplines helps to provide an integrated Human Genetics Service. The Laboratory services are accredited with CPA UK Ltd. (Ref: 2282), and form part of the Scottish Genetics Laboratories Consortium.

Chromosomal abnormality may play a role in a variety of disorders including: congenital syndromes such as Down syndrome; mental retardation or developmental delay; infertility & recurrent pregnancy loss; and acquired malignant disease including leukaemia and lymphoma. The work of the department falls into the areas of Postnatal, Prenatal, Oncology, Molecular Cytogenetics and Research and Development.

The department is staffed by Registered Clinical Scientists, BMS & MTOs, and contributes fully to the National External Quality Assessment Scheme (NEQAS) in cytogenetics. Training schemes are organised in consortium with the other Scottish training centres (Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen). More specific information about cytogenetics training in Scotland can be obtained from Dr. Norman Pratt.